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1 x sealed Vmax premium collection box (random artwork)


About this item

  • Masters of Fire, Water, and Lightning—Three Pokémon VMAX!
  • With three outstanding Evolutions to choose from, these Pokémon VMAX Premium Collections let you show off your elemental mastery!
  • Vaporeon VMAX offers the relentless force of the sea, Jolteon VMAX brings maximum voltage, and Flareon VMAX has power to burn!
  • Each collection includes three gorgeous full-art cards, including an oversize card of the star Pokémon VMAX for display, plus a pin and 5 booster packs.
  • English Version | Ages 6+ | 2 Players | 20 Minutes Playing Time

Pokemon - Eeveelution VMAX Premium Collection (random artwork) Box (

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