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• 9 HATCHIMALS FAMILIES: Collect 9 new families, including Wolf Bikers, Koala Campers, Llama Florists, Luau Leopards, Sparkling Poodles, rare Ice Skating Penguins, super rare Unicorn Hair Stylists and more.
• HOLIDAY PLAYSET: The Hatchimals egg opens into a holiday playset with a unique scene in every pack – camping, hot air balloon, snow, water park and more. Set up the accessories and graphics and play.
• 4 CHARACTERS: Every pack has 4 friends on holiday – 2 siblings from one family and 2 from another. Create your pretend play holiday adventures and collect all 10 packs (toys each sold separately), great gifts for girls.
• DOUBLE HATCH: Crack the top of the egg to find 2 Little Kids and 1 accessory; find 1 Little Kid and a Baby on the bottom. In the packaging, there’s another accessory and graphics for your scene.
• SURPRISE TOYS FOR 5-YEAR-OLD GIRLS AND UP: Hatchimals toys and games, toy figures and playsets, flying toys, dolls and accessories are the perfect gifts for 5-year-old girls and up. Collect them all.

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Rainbowcation Playdate Pack

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