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• COLLECT THE UNICORN FAMILY: Instantly add the Unicorn Hair Stylists Family to your Hatchimals collection. The carton includes 10 adorable toy figures — 2 Parents, 1 Big Kid, 3 Little Kids and 4 Babies
• REVEAL A SECRET PLAYSET: Lift the egg tray and fold down the front of the carton to discover a Hatchimals playset. There’s a themed backdrop and a moulded pool with chairs for the ultimate family pool party
• HATCH 5 EGGS: The Unicorn Family Carton features 5 eggs to hatch, plus 2 Parents and 1 Big Kid out-of-egg. Crack each Hatchimals egg to find the carton’s 3 Little Kids and 4 Babies

Hatchimals Deluxe Family Pack Unicorn

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