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• Crash the landing with the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Launch & Bash set!

• ​Includes a fierce 1:64 scale Bone Shaker Monster Truck with giant wheels and outrageous features!

• ​Slam launch the truck at the platform landing zone loaded with moulded crushed cars!

• ​When the Monster Truck Bone Shaker hits the trigger spot just right the car-splosion is epic!

Get set for launching, crashing, smashing and bashing with the ​Mattel Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Launch & Bash set. Aim the Bone Shaker Monster Truck at the crash-landing zone to send 4 crushed cars flying. This set is all about over-the-top stunting with an epic crash finale when the pile of crushed cars gets bombed by the super-charged Monster Truck! Kids can set up the crushed cars on the platform again and do the stunt all over again and again and again. ​This simple set with an epic pay-off includes a slam launcher, landing platform, 4 crushed cars and a fierce 1:64 scale Monster Truck.

Hot Wheels Monster Truck Launch & Bash

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