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MEET PIXIE - Jiggly Pets Pixie the Rabbit is the cutest, walking bunny! This adorable electronic rabbit jumps along whilst playing catching music! Pixie will become your new best friend who you’ll want to take with you wherever you go. SHE LOVES TO JUMP - Simply press Pixie's head to bring her to life. Watch in amazement as she walks and jumps along just like a real bunny! You’ll have so much fun as you watch her move to the music! FEED PIXIE A CARROT – When Pixie is hungry you can simply feed her with the tasty carrot included! Hold the carrot up to Pixies mouth and she will move her mouth and make cute eating sounds as she munches away at her delicious treat! FUN INBUILT MUSIC - Pixie has in built music that she plays as she moves. Watch Pixie move to the rhythm of the music! There are two inbuilt tunes that she can jump along to! The catchy music is sure to get you moving too! SUPER SOFT WIGGLY EARS - This adorable rabbit is so soft with stretchy rubbery body and long wiggly ears! Just like a real bunny watch as her ears move back and forth as she moves!

Jiggly Pets Rabbit

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