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• Find out how to create a fun fart pillow and catch your friends on video Trick everyone with the mystery drink challenge Trick all your friends with the crazy glasses that distort reality. All these and many more pranks to become a real tik toker.
• Kit Contents
• Educational book
• TikTok prank box
• Parts for crazy glasses
• Fake cockroaches
• Tripod
• Optical illusion card
• Graphic card
• Cornstarch
• Elastic tape
• Pencil
• Mirror
• Small measuring cup
• Large measuring beaker
• Pasteur pipette
• Balloons
• Large balloon
• Plastic spatula
• Elastic
• Modelling clay
• Cardboard tube
• Cotton wools
• Zip-lock bags
• Paper straws

Pranks Lab Be a TikToker

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