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Looking for a bit of nostalgia? Then look no further! We have put together a limited number of WOTC Booster Packs for our customers here at MW Collectables. 



Each pack contains 11 cards from the Wizards of The Coast era of pokemon cards from 1999-2002. These packs could contain cards from any of the WOTC sets. Some high value chase cards and a mixture of all the below.

These will include; 

  • Holos
  • Non Holo Rares
  • Rare
  • Uncommon 
  • Common 
  • Trainer 
  • Energy 


*Please bear in mind these are packed randomly and are used cards. Conditions will vary from played-NM. There is guaranteed to be some cards worth well over £14.99 but also some packs of mixed rarity.*

WOTC Mystery Booster Packs - Pokemon TCG

Out of Stock
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